Learn The Half Guard Secrets One Of America’s Best Grapplers Uses To Frustrate & Destroy All Of His Competition – Even Though He’s a “Big Guy” Over 30

Tom DeBlass’ “Half Domination” 4 DVD Set Will Simplify & Slow Down The Game To Show You An Easy Set Of Grips & Moves That Will Hold Even The Most Explosive Young Beasts In Check.

Tom DeBlass is about 225 lbs. and his heart has to account for about 224 lbs. of that.

 In his last MMA fight, after he knocked his opponent down and the guy was flailing around on the ground half-conscious, he asked the referee to stop it rather than blast a defenseless person. 
 He also made national news when he was caught on video being challenged to a fight by a much smaller, belligerent drunk. Instead of throttling the guy, he calmed him down, gave him a hug and made sure he had a safe ride home. His only “real job” was teaching disabled elementary school kids.  

But don’t mistake kindness for weakness...
Tom is a 3x winner of the ADCC Trials, he is a Masters World Champion in BJJ at Black Belt, Pan Black Belt Champ and has won basically everything else. Some of the hottest young grapplers today like Gordon Ryan and Gary Tonon (Tom’s First Black Belt) train with him often.  

If you're looking for the keys to defeating your opponents with half guard look no further. 

Deblass with Gordon Ryan, 3x EBI Champion

Through the teachings of Tom Deblass I was able dominate No-gi competition coming up the ranks using almost exclusively half guard as a foundation for my game. His teachings in the half guard were the single most important components of my competitive success till ADCC 2013. 
"Still to this day many these half guard setups lead to some of my favorite attacks."  Garry Tonon, multiple time EBI Champ, ADCC Vet

Tom has a way of teaching that is unlike any grappling instructor anywhere.

He actually was a school teacher! He feels very comfortable in the half guard, with or without a gi. He gets a very different set of grips in half guard – he likes to form a shield, grab up high on the neck and effortlessly sweep his opponent. 
 Even as an older guy working out with much younger and often faster guys – Tom has no problem doing this.  

Tom DeBlass has the very singular ability to inspire more out of world class competitors and the average Joe who spends his days doing rounds in corporate America. His half-guard instruction is easy to follow and nearly impossible for your opponents and training partners to deal with. 

 "Whether you are working from the top half or from the bottom, Tom DeBlass has the answers." Todd Schaffer, Brown Belt  

Be Careful Of The Person Who Lays Down Their Shield On Purpose

This is one of Tom’s favorite sayings… When he lays down his shield, he explodes into action. He likes to grab the underhook, take a relatively high grip, and he is off. He doesn’t even need to move fast. Once you know the sequence, half guard is such an advantage that it doesn’t matter if you are older, slower, or weaker – you just need to know how to use your body the right way.  

No Underhook, No Problem.

One of the biggest problems we hear is that people feel smashed underneath half guard. Well, this is no problem for Tom. If he gives up an underhook the guy still isn’t going to pass. He understands the mechanics of the position - he knows where his opponent is weak. 
 That is just where he throws him. Remember: your opponent is always weak in some aspect of his game – you just have to know where.

 "Achieving success on the mats based on 2 attributes: competence and confidence. For some one comes the other but I really believe that will and skill are difference makers. I've watched Tom diligently and deliberately develop both from his first steps in the mats almost 15 years ago. I truly believe what made Tom a successful competitor and instructor has been his no nonsense approach to simplicity and effectiveness over complex and unreliable techniques."Ricardo “Big Dog” Almeida - UFC Star, 3x ADCC Medalist

Smash The Half Guard With Pressure, Kimuras & Footlocks!

Tom is one of the most feared footlock guys in the world and you have to see his toe hold from top half guard… He shows it here. He also demonstrates the “weirdest” Kimura you’ve ever seen (he does it on the elbow), and he has a very precise Guillotine that will prevent you from being rolled.  

Never Have Your Guard Passed

Tom has never had his guard passed to side control (for points) in competition – and he competes a lot. Think about that...
He is competing all of the time and no one can get to side control. Imagine if you could never have your guard passed!  To keep his guard Tom isn’t turning upside down making crazily explosive movements – he has a very even set of principles and moves that anyone can do. The key is in how he teaches and makes the techniques easy to learn
 The principles are easy 

So what's on the DVD's?


Basic Shield Z Guard Z Shield Entry With Underhook Attacking Near Side Leg/Back Door Countering A Strong Wizzer: Sweep To Over/Under Pass Weave Counter To Arm Drag/Under Hook Knee Flare Sweep Far Leg Attack To Stand Up Sweep Waiter Sweep Alternative Waiter Sweep 4 Options From The Waiter Sweep Entry


Getting Past The Knee Shield Countering The Under Hook Kimura From Top Half Guillotine From Top Half Weave Pass From Top Half ShinOn Shin Pass Over/Under Pass Toe Hold From Top Half Butterfly Hook Pass Knee Slice Pass


Elbow Trap Sweep From Smash Half Alternate Recovery From Smash Half Reframing With The Hook Butterfly Hook Sweep Butterfly Half Guard Reversal Spartan Push Calf Crank From Lockdown Reversal From Lockdown Belly Down Leg Lock Series Kimura From Half Guard Kimura Series Omoplata Sweep From Half Guard


Guard Retention Workshop

So, How much is it?

Well, what is it worth learning from the Half Guard Master? To learn to possibly NEVER have your guard passed?!  
This is the most groundbreaking Half Guard specific program ever released.
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